Vacant property refurbishment Birmingham | Void works Birmingham

Void property refurbishment Birmingham | Void works Birmingham

The Arrow Group specialise in void works for housing associations and local councils (including their commercial partners), as well as private landlords

We understand that reducing turnaround times and expenses are crucial when it comes to void property refurbishment and void works. The Arrow Group have have a specialist team dedicated to vacant and void property works, ready to carry out any repairs and refurbishment necessary.

With over 19 years experience and excellent reputation, our void works Birmingham service can provide our clients with a complete, bespoke solution that includes repairing, refurbishing and securing your vacant and voided properties.

The Arrow Group can efficiently provide you with the following:

  • Completely emptying the interior of your property.
  • Installing and fitting new fixtures and fittings - such as locks and windows.
  • Repairs to utility rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms - including completely new fit outs.
  • Full refurbishments of both the exterior and interior of your property.
  • Full electrical, water works and gas works.
  • Cleaning and bulk waste and rubbish removal and general site clearance.
  • Full safety checks.

The Arrow Groups specialist void works Birmingham team are able to work in all types of properties whether it is a commercial property or a residential home or an industrial property - we can assist with all void property refurbishment.

Our objective echoes that of any landlord - to restore and refurbish your vacant properties and get them back on the market as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible!

For more information call us on: 0121 457 7232 or contact us here.