Periodic electrical testing

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Periodic electrical testing.

Unfortunately, all electrical installations (wires, consumer boards etc) deteriorate with both age and use. As a result of this deterioration, all electrical installations should be tested at regular intervals. These checks will determine and ensure that all electrics are in a safe and satisfactory condition to be continued to be used. Because these checks are performed at regular intervals, they are referred to as periodic electrical testing. Once an inspection has been completed and is satisfactory, we can issue you with an Electrical Condition Report or EICR for short.

What does your periodic electrical test look for?

Our periodic electrical test will identify and look for:

  • Check for and identify if any electrical equipment or circuits are overloaded.
  • Identify dangers for lack of earthing of bonding.
  • We will service any switches, sockets or light fittings. We may determine that certain items need replacing such as older pin sockets and mounted sockets in skirting boards.
  • Determine if you have any fire hazards or risk of electrical shock. Similarly, any wear and tear that may be present.
  • Highlight any defective electrical work.
  • Check any switch and control gear and identify its suitability. We will check for things like fuse boxes with wooden backs etc and issue replacements.
  • The wiring system type and its condition. Older cables such as cables coated in lead, fabric or rubber may need replacing with newer modern and longer lasting PVC insulated cables.
  • We will ensure that you have adequate notices present.
What frequency does our business or property require a periodic electrical test?

It is a statutory requirement that commercial properties and properties where the public have access; are regularly checked and that an EICR is performed on the electrical services. The period between inspections is determined by the function and the use of the building.
It is recommended for a commercial property that a periodic inspection is carried out at least:

  • At least once every 5 years. Inspections can be conducted in a couple of ways. You can either opt for a FULL 100% inspection every 5 years. The alternative option is to have a rolling inspection program where by, you have a 20% inspection once per year. This also ensures that the electrical installation is cheeked once per year for faults.

There are other times when a periodic electrical test should be carried out:

  • If you own a property and are preparing the property to be let.
  • If you are due to sell a property or purchasing a previously occupied property.
What is the EICR?

An EICR is Electrical Installation Condition Report. It is a report into the condition of the electrical installation and will highlight any electrical safety shortcomings, defects or deviations from the current revision of the electrical regulations BS7671.
The main purpose of a EICR is to report on the safety condition of an existing installation. Our reports describe with detail as to the overall condition as either ‘satisfactory’, in which case no immediate remedial work is required, or ‘unsatisfactory’ which means remedial work is required to make the installation safe to use.

Where are your periodic electrical tests available?

The Arrow Group are located at the heart of the West Midlands in Birmingham. Therefore, we are conveniently located to offer Periodic electrical testing Birmingham and periodic electrical testing West Midlands. This also means that we cover all of the areas (and surrounding) in the West Midlands such as Redditch, Warwickshire, Solihull, Alvechurch, Dudley to name only a few.



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